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General Terms and Conditions

These conditions regulate the service provided on this web site by MIQUEL-RIUS 1839, S.A., with its main office at C/Llobregat 4, 08150 Parets del Vallès Barcelona (Spain) and with Fiscal Identification Code A-08007627 (hereinafter, Miquelrius), to the client or user (hereinafter, the CLIENT or USER) as well as the use of the same. Both browsing in the online store and the purchase of any of the products offered therein imply the acceptance as a user, without reservations of any kind, of each and every one of these general terms and conditions.

Miquelrius may, at any moment and without prior warning, modify the present general terms and conditions as well as the specific conditions which, if applicable, are included by means of the publication of the said modifications in the store with the purpose that they become known by the users and with a record of the date of the said modifications being left, always respecting the legislation and rules in force. The products offered on this web site and, more specifically, the prices, characteristics, promotions and any other kind of information may be modified without prior warning. All modifications will take effect from the date of their publication on this web site.

1. Ownership of the content of the web site.

All content published in the store and especially the designs, illustrations, texts, graphics, photographs, images, logos, icons, buttons, as well as the software, the trade names, the trademarks or industrial drawings and any other signs that are capable of industrial and commercial use are subject to the rights of intellectual property of Miquelrius and are the exclusive property of Miquelrius. Under no circumstances will it be understood that any licence is granted or renunciation, transfer, total or partial grant of the said rights is made nor is any right or expectation of rights conferred and, especially, of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the said contents without the prior express authorisation of Miquelrius.

Miquelrius will not be responsible, under any circumstances and in no case, for the breaches of the said rights that may be committed by the USER or any third party.

2. Customer Services

For any kind of doubt, consultation or suggestion, you can send us your comments by e-mail, by mail or give us a call:

C/Llobregat 4,
Pol Ind Sector Mollet,
08150 Parets del Vallès,
Tel. +34 93 562 02 11
Fax. +34 93 562 00 74

In any case, if you have any doubts about the purchasing process or the characteristics of Miquelrius products, you also have the possibility of taking a look at our FAQs, which may help you to resolve your doubts without any difficulty.

3. Guarantees of purchase

The articles offered on this web page fulfil the same requirements of quality and guarantees as the products on sale in commercial establishments.

Each product is accompanied by the following data:

Miquelrius has made an effort to show the colours of the products in a way which is as close as possible to reality. Nevertheless, the colour of products which appear on the screen may be subject to variations depending on the quality of your computer monitor. Therefore, Miquelrius cannot guarantee that the colours that appear on your monitor are in accordance with reality.

The special offers, promotions or discounts will be valid until the date indicated in each case or while stocks last.

Products purchased are subject to the guarantees that are in force from time to time in accordance with the regulations that are applicable in each case.

4. Purchase procedure

To place make an order, you may choose to purchase as a registered user or, if you wish, as an unregistered user, filling in the electronic form which appears in the store and following the instructions indicated in it. After choosing your personalised notebook from among all the options available and in order to proceed to purchase the products, you must add the product that you wish to buy to your shopping basket according to the indications given on screen, filling in the order form supplied for this purpose and validating it. The validation of the order by the client expressly implies the knowledge and acceptance of these general conditions of contracting as part of the making of the contract.

Nevertheless, given that the product finally purchased is the result of the personalisation selected by the user, Miquelrius reserves the right to reject those orders the personalisation of which is contrary to law or offensive in any manner. In this case, Miquelrius will notify the user of the reasons for the rejection, proceeding to return the amounts paid.

The products purchased by users may be displayed by them on the Miquelrius web page exclusively for advertising purposes, except for those that Miquelrius freely considers contrary to law or offensive in any manner, in which case the reasons will likewise be communicated to the user.

4.1 Order

The articles which you intend to purchase must be selected and added to the shopping basket by means of a click on the corresponding icon. The shopping basket will contain the reference of the article selected, its name and the price in euros. Separately, the corresponding taxes will be detailed and the corresponding postage costs according to the delivery location.

LThe order form will request the personal data which will be added to our data base so that Miquelrius is able to process the order and in order to facilitate the conduct of new purchases at

In the same way, you can access your personal details. Remember that your personal details must be given with complete precision so as to avoid confusion or problems in sending the article(s) purchased. Furthermore, if you so request, you will receive information and publications relating to Miquelrius by mail and/or e-mail.

4.2 Prices and Currency

The prices published by Miquelrius in the store include indirect taxes (Value Added Tax), except in the companies section.

In relation to Value Added Tax, as a rule, the tax rate current in Spain will be applied for the territory of the European Union, where this tax is applicable. All those companies which belong to European Union countries, except Spain, are exempt from paying this tax.

In sales to any other country in the world, VAT will not be charged. However, the customs systems of each country will apply the corresponding tax charges.

Purchases made by residents from non-EU countries are exempt from paying VAT (the costs of customs clearance and import taxes are not included in the price of the article or its shipping, and must be paid at the destination by the person receiving the goods). Due to their special tax system, the Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla are considered non-EU territories.

Miquelrius presents and sells its products in EUROS.

4.3 Form of Payment

Purchases can be paid for using PayPal or a credit card or, for total amounts above €800, by bank transfer. No other payment methods are accepted.

To be exact, Miquelrius offers the following methods of payment:

a) PayPal:

PayPal makes it possible for consumers to make payments on the Internet in a secure, convenient and economical manner. The PayPal network is based on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global solution for payment in real time.

Payment via PayPal involves a surcharge of 3.4% for handling costs

For more information visit the PayPal web site.


We guarantee you that all transactions carried out at are 100% secure. All operations which involve the transmission of personal details or bank details are carried out using a secure environment. uses a server based on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) standard security technology. All the information which you give to us is encoded on the web.

Likewise, the data on your credit card is not recorded on any data base but is passed on directly to the Point of Sale terminal of the bank.

When paying with your VISA or MASTERCARD, the same details will always be requested: the card number, the expiry date and a Validation Code which coincides with the last three figures of the number stamped in italics on the reverse of your VISA or MASTERCARD, offering in this way more guarantees of the security of the transaction.

Credit card fraud is a crime and Miquelrius will take legal action against any person who carries out a fraudulent transaction at our online store.

c) Bank Transfer

Payment must be made by bank transfer to our account:


4.4 Transport of the order. Transport costs.

The transport of the articles purchased at will be undertaken using a courier, mail or parcels company, depending on the destination or the client′s choice, certified in the destinations and will be delivered in the periods of time detailed below according to the point of delivery of the goods.

In order to avoid problems in the delivery (wrong addresses, the impossibility of finding a person at home, etc.), it is essential to correctly fill in the corresponding form and it is obligatory to fill in the box regarding contact telephone numbers.

The price of transport is calculated according to the destination, the articles purchased, the size of the package used for transportation and the method of transport selected. The exact price of transport will be calculated as each article is added to the shopping basket and will be visible on the page which summarises the purchase before confirmation of the order by means of "Accept Purchase" and before entering credit or debit card details.

The prices do not include the corresponding VAT.

The transport costs may be modified at any moment without prior notification. This change will be applicable from the moment at which the modification is included on the help pages, and the contract is published on this web page. In any case, those transport costs which appear at the moment of placing the order will be valid.

Miquelrius will deliver orders within the periods of time indicated below:

The days indicated in the following table are the periods of time for transport. You must calculate the production time separately, which is from seven to ten working days (not counting Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays).

Despatch and Deadlines


Place Purchase Cost Delivery
Iberian Peninsula Punto Pack < 45 € + IVA 3 € 3-4 days
> = 45 € + IVA FREE
Iberian Peninsula Express domicilio < 45 € + IVA 6,50 € 2 days
> = 45 € + IVA FREE
Balearic Islands Punto Pack < 45 € + IVA 5 € 3-4 days
> = 45 € + IVA FREE
Balearic Islands Express domicilio < 45 € + IVA 10 € 2 days
> = 45 € + IVA FREE
Canaries Postal Exprés < 45 € + IVA 14,50 € 7 days
> 45 € + IVA FREE
Ceuta and Melilla Postal Exprés < 45 € + IVA 14,50 € 7 days
> 45 € + IVA FREE


Place Purchase Cost Delivery
EUROPE Punto Pack
(Only France, Belgium, Luxembourg)
< 45 € + IVA 6,50 € 3-4 days
> = 45 € + IVA FREE
EU EUROPE domicilio < 45 € + IVA 21 € 2 days
> = 45 € + IVA FREE

These periods of time may be greater during some periods of the year, such as for example local or bank holidays. In any case, Miquelrius undertakes to announce this fact to the user by means of a clear and unambiguous message before the User processes the payment of the order.

The responsibility of Miquelrius is limited in cases of force majeure (strikes, adverse weather phenomena which prevent normal land, sea or air traffic, etc.). In these cases, Miquelrius will deliver orders as soon as possible and the periods of time indicated above will not be applied.

Under no circumstances can articles be sent to PO Box numbers.

5. Guarantee

The guarantee, which is essential for any change or refund, is the delivery note which you will receive with your order and/or by e-mail.

In any case, the guarantee does not cover wear and tear or other consequences of the normal ageing of the article or damage caused by improper use.

6. Withdrawal, changes and refunds products marketed by Miquelrius are personalised products according to the needs and instructions of the users, for which reason Miquelrius cannot accept changes or returns, nor withdrawal from purchase by the user.

Nevertheless, if Miquelrius has delivered a defective or wrong product to you, Miquelrius will cover all the costs of replacement necessary. In this case, Miquelrius will see to the collection and new delivery of the product. If this should occur, please contact to start the process for the return and delivery of the new product.

7. Protection of data of a personal nature

In fulfilment of the provisions of Organic Act 15/1999, of 13th December, on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, we inform you that all personal details that you supply to us will be included in an automated file for data of a personal nature, created and maintained under the responsibility of Miquelrius. The information supplied by the user may be used by Miquelrius.

It is the purpose of this file to facilitate the sending of orders and, if you have authorised us expressly in the corresponding box, also to send you commercial communications to inform you about new products, special offers and other novelties related with this web page and/or Miquelrius in general via e-mail and/or postal mail.

Miquelrius′ clients may at any moment exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection, by notifying via e-mail or in writing to Miquelrius. C/Llobregat 4, Pol Ind Sector Mollet, 08150 Parets del Vallès Barcelona (Spain).

8. Cookies

Miquelrius uses cookies for the sole purpose of offering a more personalised service and helping to make browsing its pages easier and more adapted to the preferences of the users. A cookie is a small text file which a web page server stores on the user′s hard disk. Cookies cannot of themselves identify a person as they do not make reference to any detail of a personal nature and cannot be executed as a code or contain a virus.

Cookies will help us, for example, to save the user′s configuration (language and country from which he is browsing) so that he does not have to enter these details again on his next visit. What is more, they will allow us to handle your shopping basket and conserve the information on your order while you look through our pages. If you so wish, you can disconnect cookies by means of the options on your browser.

9. Miscellaneous

Miquelrius undertakes not to send you any misleading advertising via this means. For these purposes, therefore, formal or numerical errors which may be found in the content of the different sections of the online store, which arise as a consequence of incomplete or defective maintenance and/or updating of the information contained in these sections will not be considered misleading advertising. Miquelrius, as a consequence of the provisions of this section, undertakes to correct the said errors as soon as it has knowledge of them.

Users who purchase using the online store acknowledge that they are of adult age. Purchases made by minors require the authorisation of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for the purchases carried out by minors under their responsibility. It is the responsibility of the minors to gain the necessary consent to proceed to purchase.

10. Law and competent jurisdiction

The present conditions of purchase are subject to Spanish legislation and therefore sales operations will be understood to take place at Miquelrius′ registered offices.

For the solution of any litigious matter deriving from this contact or legal act, the user may either go to the Consumer Arbitration Board of Catalonia to which Miquelrius is subject and to which the designation of the arbiter or arbiters and the administration of the arbitration is entrusted or, if applicable, to the courts which are competent in each case.

These Contract Terms and Conditions were last updated on 24th January 2013.

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